It’s Official!!

The first ever Australian Zara will be officially opening in Sydney on April 20!! The press release literally just went out:

“Zara will open its first store in Australia 20 April 2011. The store will be located in the Westfield Sydney shopping centre, Sydney. It will have more than 1,400 square metres of commercial surface over three floors in which the brand will showcase its Women’s, Men’s and Kids’ Autumn-Winter collection specially designed and developed for the Southern Hemisphere. New products will arrive to the store from the Spanish logistics platforms twice a week.”

OMG I am literally dying with joy.


2 thoughts on “It’s Official!!

  1. I remember a lot of women being ecstatic about zara’s opening here in our country. I think they have two branches here already but I was always just looking from the outside, never have entered any branches yet since i’m quite intimidated by the people who shop there and i’m living on a student’s budget too. Zara is quite pricey here :(.

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