Maaaan … I watched this film again this weekend, which I haven’t seen for around twelve years. I was CRAZY obsessed with it when it first came out – like, crazy obsessed. It was right up there with Empire Records and Clueless – everyone who was a teenager during the nineties will attest to these films being the staple of every girl’s movie diet.

Hackers was released in 1995, right before the internet went really BIG – before dial-up was common in your everyday household and rollerblades were the HEIGHT of cool. I am sure it was a completely offensive depiction of real life so called ‘hackers’, but at the time I was oblivious to such things and thought it was completely awesome … I still have the soundtrack on CD somewhere (which is actually still quite good – all Orbital and Prodigy and Massive Attack).

Too bad the film hasn’t weathered the test of time like the soundtrack – although in all honesty it was never very good – I was just fifteen years old and had a mad girl crush on Angelina Jolie, who plays a girl hacker named Kate in the movie. Like the internet, Angelina was also about to take off in a big way, so not many people really knew who she was yet. She had a pixie haircut, wore red eyeshadow and a white vinyl jumpsuit and I LOVED her. This is the set where she met her first husband Johnny Lee Miller, who I was also kind of in love with, just not quite as much as Angelina. Anyways, I don’t recommend you watch Hackers (even though iTunes are calling it a cult classic?!), but I do recommend you enjoy these pics of Kate in all her girl power jumpsuited glory.


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